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In this issue of Ideas & Perspectives (I&P),

we provide a scoring device for the ISM School Culture Matrix. We also discuss ways to reduce budget compromises to maximize income, plus provide steps to educate your Trustees prior to the accreditation process. Read more

Protect Those Who Protect Your Students

The ISM Group Life And Disability Trust (IS/IT) has grown to over 600 in-force Life and Disability plans–covering in excess of 20,000 faculty and staff at more than 350 private-independent schools. More than excellent coverage, ISM strategically partners with every school. It's our integrated approach to complete coverage—a 360 degree partnership! Read more

Comprehensive Faculty Development

Now, at the end of the school year and during the summer, is the best time to start planning your school’s faculty development program for next year. Comprehensive Faculty Development provides a step-by-step guide to help you do just that! The book details how to implement, manage, and sustain effective practices for hiring, evaluating, and developing mission-appropriate faculty for the benefit of your students. Read more

ISM Consortium: Your Key to Access ISM Resources and Services

The ISM Consortium is a loyalty program, a benefits program, and a rewards program all wrapped up in one—a way to save your school both time and money. Read more

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Recent Articles

Renewing Your Health Insurance Policies Early

New health care reform deadlines are nearing. While some schools are well prepared, others are still scrambling to understand how the changes will impact them. It’s true, the changes will effect schools somewhat differently than they will effect large companies. These differences are not clearly outlined on available government documents. If you’re not keeping up with latest news or don’t have a broker on top of the evolving definitions of what is considered full time and part time in the education world, you could be lost.


Summer of Professional Development

Joining ISM a few years ago, I was immediately tossed into learning our theory. As any great organization will do, ISM wanted me to completely understand its mission and theory, and sample firsthand the concerns and mindset of its audience.


Twitter Tips

Social media isn’t just for the young. It’s for everyone. It’s a resource for keeping in touch with friends and colleagues, news, and of course, trending topics. Twitter is one of the social giants—growing daily—that is exceptionally good at all of the mentioned. If you’ve felt a void with losing your RSS feeds, Twitter is a great compromise with its daily trending topics and constant evolving conversations. If you’ve neglected your account or only dabbled here and there finding yourself frustrated with the unique lingo, we encourage you to take some time this summer and explore the platform some more.


Preparing for the Health Care Reform Changes

A recent study by Aflac reveals that Americans aren’t prepared for the Health Care Reforms created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. As many organizations and companies are choosing consumer-driven health plans, and the responsibility for health decisions requires more patient accountability, workers are being put at risk of making costly mistakes without a financial back-up plan.


Green Corner: Tips for a Cool Summer

It’s summertime! In honor of the season, we want to leave our readers with some healthy tips for enjoying the great outdoors. No matter what region you live in, these green living tips from WebMD will help you stay safe while exploring and relaxing outdoors, save money on your cooling expenses, and make a dent in your carbon footprint.


Hot Jobs from Career Corner

Head of School
Watkinson School  Hartford, CT
Head of School
Busan International Foreign School  Gijang, South Korea
New Director
The Franconian International School  Erlangen, Germany
Head of School
High Point Academy  Pasadena, CA
Head of School
Berkshire School  Sheffield, MA

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